Monday, February 20, 2012

Bob Ross is My Homie

In my house, we worship at the alter of Bob Ross. I'm not lying when I say we have about two dozen episodes of his show on the DVR. Excellent napping television, I tells you. So when a Living Social deal came up to take a painting class at a wine bar, it was so on.

My good friend Kelly and I trekked up to the place on Sunday afternoon for what promised to be a good time. After all, there was wine! And it was cheap!

We grabbed a couple glasses of peach sangria, and settled into our chairs, with a plain, empty, white canvas staring back.
Our instructor was great, though, and realized we all had the artistic capacity of four-year-olds, so he went slowly. In a couple of hours (and a little more sangria later), I had something that looked like this:

Pretty sure I won't be opening any galleries anytime soon, but it was a great afternoon. The company that runs these outings, Vino van Gogh, offers these painting classes all over the suburbs, and even if you have to pay full price for it, it's worth it for the fun afternoon and the art you can hang in your home.


  1. Alissa, thank you for such a great write-up about our event. We are delighted you had such a great time and love your painting--you did amazing!!

    While our events are really about hanging out with friends and having fun, I think you used this event to uncover some amazing artist talents! Paint drink & be merry!!

  2. Ha, you are too kind! It was a great time - fabulous idea for a girls' night out. I'll be recommending it to friends!