Monday, February 20, 2012

First Gluten-Free, Home-Made Breakfast

I always wanted to be one of those people for whom Sunday breakfast was a big, fabulous, sit-down affair. I also like to sleep in. And not cook. Which proves difficult for big, fabulous, sit-down breakfasts.

When I first got the Celiac diagnosis, I bought a few things - a new toaster, a bunch of GF snacks and cereals (yay Gorilla Munch!) and ... a waffle maker.

In my house, we are collectors of useless kitchen appliances. We'll be celebrating four years of wedded bliss in June, and we've got an army of boxes in the garage holding things like mini-deep fryers, ice cream makers and a couple of things I can't identify but seemed like good ideas when we were registering at Bed, Bath and Beyond a few years ago. It is amazing the power high you get from beeping that scanner ... so even though I've wanted a waffle maker for ages, I figured it would be like everything else that seemed like a grand plan and instead is covered in dust and spiderwebs. But then I bought one. And I lurrrrves it.

So, Sunday morning, Luke and I attempted to make a *REAL* breakfast. From scratch (Bisquick GF counts, I still had to mix it up). Since I am dairy-free right now, we subbed in vanilla almond milk for cow's milk, but other than that, we just followed the directions on the box. It was fairly easy, and pretty yummy. I also made a fruit salad, while Luke whipped up some scrambled eggs (this boy can cook eggs) and bacon (thank GOD bacon is GF!). The finished product was just about as yummy as anything I've ever had in a restaurant, and it was sort of empowering to do it all at home. Yay us!

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