Monday, February 27, 2012

Gluten-Free Gluttons: Weber Grill

So, in my blatant attempt to continue to have a social life despite the new diet nazi that is Celiac, I journeyed out for yet another restaurant dinner. This time, it was celebrating a dear friend's birthday, and he specially picked a place that had a GF menu.

I've never been to Weber Grill before, but the comically large red grill outside the restaurant has caught my eye many a time, and since I love meat like a cave man, I couldn't wait to give it a go. The place itself is really nice, a lot classier than I would have expected a grill-type place to be. Our server was phenomenal - he got me the special menu and went through a whole song and dance about how it goes into the computer as a special ticket, and the head chef makes the meal himself, and the manager signs off on it and hand-delivers it to me. All wheat free. Luke and I both ordered off the GF menu, so that I could steal his delicious scallops, and I ended up getting chicken and mashed potatoes. I was confident that they were taking care of me, and even got so bold as to order dessert (a move that I think was a mistake, since I got glutened).
The food was good, the service was terrific, and the selection of stuff on the menu was pretty varied. There aren't a ton of dessert options, and be wary of anything that has artificial flavoring (I am pretty sure it was the pineapple-flavored creme brulee that got me). Overall, I would definitely go there again ... I'd just be a little more careful.

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