Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Got an Autoimmune Disease for Valentine's Day

Accident is such a scary word. So many terrible things can happen by accident. Death. Destruction. Snarky "reply all" e-mails. The fame of the Kardashian clan.

But good things can happen by accident, too. Meeting your mate. Discovering penicillin. Stumbling into DSW when they re-stock the clearance rack.

I got diagnosed with Celiac Disease by accident. Jury is still out on whether it's Kardashian-bad or cheap-shoe good. I'm leaning more toward the latter.

See, I've been a hot mess as long as I can remember. I've been labeled everything from "sensitive" to "batsh*t", with symptoms lists running so long even I started to think I was wearing some crazypants. But thanks to a bout of stress-related gastritis, I had a scope, and then some blood work, and now I've got an answer.

So. After more than 10 years of feeling gross, or sick, or crazy, it turns out there is a reason. And it's not that I'm gross, or crazy. Just a little on the sick side.

Because my Celiac Disease thinks its 2003, I am going to give blogging a shot. Seems like a good way to share any cool recipes or tips that I find, as well as giving me a place to vent about this lifestyle change. So, kick back. Relax. Eat some GF popcorn. Show's about to start.


  1. Suck! I think the blog idea is a really good one, and hopefully this just means you'll start feeling better instead of feeling yucky <3 I'm followin.

  2. I just saw your blog linked to on Kelly's :) It sounds like you had some frustrating times before the docs figured out it was Celiac Disease making you feel so awful. I am happy they finally figured that out so you can start feeling better!