Monday, February 27, 2012

Kitchen Experiment: Stir-Fry

One of the things I was saddest to have to give up is Chinese food. I will get on kicks where I will live one sesame chicken for days at a time, and one of my favorite restaurants is a campy little Chinese place that serves delicious food and even more delicious tropical drinks. But alas, those days are done, so I attempted to recreate something Asian-inspired at home. One of the things I think I should put out there is that I am not so good at following recipes. I like to create. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But for the most part, the things that I post on here will include dashes. And pinches. And tidbits. But probably not teaspoons. Or cups. Or any human measurement.

Since I was still out of whack Sunday after my gluten-ing Friday night, I wanted something simple and for the most part mild. So I went with rice. We had some chicken to cook up, and a bag of frozen veggies, so I thought, why not make a stir-fry? Sort of?

I ended up essentially poaching the chicken tenders in some GF broth, and the rice was easy since it was the kind you have to boil in a bag. The veggie mix contained broccoli, peppers and green beans, and on retrospect, I wish I would have either used less of them or made them smaller. I threw everything in the pan together for a couple minuted with some GF soy sauce, and it ended up being pretty yummy.

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