Thursday, February 23, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Stealing this meme from one of my besties, Kelly over at Kelly the Culinarian. Not only is she a great friend and heck of a writer, she also knows her way around a kitchen. She's also an avid runner, but I like her anyway.

Today's three:
1. Chicago is supposed to get hit with something called a "Saskatchewan Screamer." Apparently it's like a windy thundersnow. Sounds more like something you'd learn about on Regardless, I have places to be, so it would be nice if the thundersnowing could be kept to a minimum.

2. Someone may or may not have purchased the complete series of Boy Meets World on DVD this week. Someone should probably stop looking at Amazon's deal of the day, or someone is going to have to get a second job ... but it would be worth it to relive the magic of the original TV bromance that is Corey and Shawn.

3. I am having a love affair with my new heating pad. Not in that "Saskatchewan Screamer" kind of way. But close. It's warm, snuggly and if it could somehow figure out how to let the dog out, I might marry it.

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