Sunday, February 19, 2012

Why Crying in Jewel Is Not Okay

I'm not really a crier. I am more likely to get angry than sad - really, it's just sappy commercials and children's books about dead dogs that get me all choked up.
So it is a little disarming that I have burst into tears at a local grocer at least three times in the past few weeks.
Guess that just goes along with the new territory. You really don't realize the sacrifices you have to make as a Celiac until you are blindly stumbling through the cereal aisle.
The title of this blog was meant to be a snarky dig at the fact that I will have to give up some of my favorite things - kids' breakfast cereals - or substitute them with more adult, less fun options. But it makes me really sad that there will be no more Captain Crunch, or Count Chocula, or Marshmallow Mateys. They were so ingrained in my existence that it truly feels like losing a friend. Which really makes you think about the way our society views food. It also makes me well aware that this process is going to be more challenging than I originally thought.

The doc said there is a period of mourning for your old life, your old food, and that it is okay to feel sad. I might shed a few tears, but if you see me trying to find a cereal box-sized casket or donning head-to-toe black lace, intervene, would ya?

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