Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Why the University of Chicago is Made of Win

I like sarcasm. By "like," I mean I communicate primarily in snark. And that's okay. So when I was first diagnosed and quipped that I should get a t-shirt or fruit basket or something, I thought it was just me being me.

Until I got this:

The crummy picture doesn't do this gorge basket justice. Full of delightful treats, helpful information and great coupons, this is basically a "welcome to the Celiac club" basket that the University of Chicago's Celiac Disease Center sends out to people who have been recently diagnosed (via endoscopy) with Celiac. They are able to do this through donations from companies, but also through private donations. After having a rough weekend, and getting a little drained emotionally from this journey, it was incredibly awesome to come home and see this sitting on my porch. I mean, I love freebies no matter what, but when it is a whole basket of goodies I can eat, and new products for me to explore, it was just the highlight of my week.

(The Ian's Cookie Buttons? Gone in about 30 seconds. Tasted like Koala Yummies. Will be purchasing more.)

So getting on my soapbox here, it just shows why it is important to support programs like University of Chicago's Celiac Disease Center. Not only are they doing important research to find a cure, or a treatment, or a vaccine, but they are working every day to make things a little easier for people like me.

Thanks, U of C, you will be getting a donation from me shortly!

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