Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fab Finds: Enjoy Life Plentils

It's not a secret that I have a MAJOR sweet tooth. So when I am snacking, I'm more likely to grab something loaded with sugar than something salty. But when I got my basket last week from University of Chicago, there were some really awesome looking salty snacks I couldn't wait to try.
It's also not a secret that I like adorable, gimmicky names. So needless to say, the Plentils were the first bag I opened. I was already a fan of a couple of Enjoy Life products - their GF rice milk candy bars have saved a few people's lives in the past couple of weeks. But the Plentils were completely foreign to me. Made of lentils and sea salt, these bad boys are salty-crunchy-wonderfulness. They have a texture that is sorta pork-rindy, and there is a bit of an earthy taste that I actually think adds to the product. I think they would be great with dips and chili, because they are on the sturdy side. There are other flavors, too, that I want to try, because I may or may not have gone through most of my bag already.
Bottom line - even if you aren't eating GF, these unique-tasting chips are full of win, especially if you are a fan of veggie or sweet potato chips.

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