Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gluten-Free Birthday!

I didn't have the challenge of avoiding green beer this St. Patrick's Day. The gluten I had to dodge? Birthday cake.

My husband is lucky enough to have a March 17 birthday, which is cool because his family is Irish, but also sucky for the same reason. Sort of like having a Christmas birthday, everyone else is always celebrating the holiday, and never your day of birth. Luke's always pretty adamant that our celebrations are birthday-focused, not St. Patty's focused (I can't say I blame him, I celebrate my birthday for like two weeks every year).

Luke's not really a guy who likes A LOT of attention, though, so he never wants to do anything grand - usually just dinner or drinks with a couple of friends or his parents. We usually spend our birthdays together all day (if we can arrange the time off), but this past year, I had to work on my birthday, and Luke went golfing for most of the day for his (hello? 80 degree weather in March? In Chicago? I don't even like golf and I get it).

But I surprised him by making him a delightful GF birthday cake and dinner, including some of the best mashed potatoes ever and some yummy steaks (okay, he made the steaks, but I picked them out). We then got to spend the evening cosmic bowling (just like in high school) and laser tagging with friends. There was only a little green beer, and I wasn't at all tempted to touch it:) And everyone ate up my cake! It was just the Betty Crocker GF yellow cake, but it was pretty danged delicious.

Overall, it was a pretty good birthday, and it wasn't even mine!

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