Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Inner Ninja Turtle is Pleased

I'm really surprised my local pizza establishments haven't filed a missing person report on me. I think I might be offended.


One of the gifties in my "Welcome to the Celiac Club" basket was a bag of Bob's Red Mill pizza crust mix. Since I was off dairy for a while, and since non-dairy cheese does not exist to me, it sat in my pantry until last night. I figured it had been two months since I'd enjoyed the pie, and it was a gloomy sort of day that pretty much required junk food, so I gave it a go.

'Twas glorious.

The crust mix is pretty straightforward, you just add eggs, olive oil and warm water. They even throw in a handy-dandy pack of yeast, so you get that "real" crust feel. We used some Classico pizza sauce (because I love supporting companies that list the GF status on the label!) and a few kinds of cheese. We would have put more on, but I accidentally ate half a bag of mozzarella while I was waiting for my dough to rise.

The finished product tasted really, really good. When I make it next time, I think I am going to give the crust a little longer in the oven before adding sauce, because it was a little doughy, but that might just be the consistency. Taste-wise, it was pretty epic, and even Luke, a self-proclaimed pizza snob, said he'd eat it again. Plus, I have enough left over to enjoy again tonight. Between the pizza and an ice-cold Pepsi, I almost felt like a human being again. Thanks, Bob's Red Mill, and thanks again University of Chicago. You are the gift that keeps on giving ... well, until I run out of goodies in my bag.


  1. I'm BFF with Bob. He makes good granola, steel cut oats and flaxseed meal.

  2. Hi There! Just found your blog by way of Gluten Free City and I have to say I just love your band plan in your about page. If I was musically talented in anyway I'd be totally in. Perhaps I can ring a bell or play the tambourine.