Friday, March 23, 2012

Product Review: Kiss My Face Cleanser

If you would have told me six months ago I'd have to weed through my makeup, beauty products, shampoo, so on and so forth, looking for hidden gluten, I would have suggested you take your crazy to TLC, where they embrace such nonsense.

But here we are.

I haven't gotten through everything yet, because the thought of tossing some of my more expensive products seems senseless to me, and I have so. much. makeup. You'd think I was creating a sequel to Avatar with the stash I've got, and sorting through it kind of gives me a panic attack, so for now, I am ignoring it. Well, not ignoring. But focusing on the bigger things.

One worry I had is that buying specialty stuff would be super-expensive, but alas, I was able to find a treasure trove of gluten-free beauty items from Kiss My Face. I'd heard of the brand before but never used it, and since I am incredibly picky, I was worried I would shell out all of this (GF) dough for something I would hate.

Not the case. One of the first items I picked up was the Start Up face wash. It feels really great, leaves a smooth clean, and kind of smells a little like a margarita, but not in a strong, overpowering way. I really like it, and it made me confident enough to purchase a few more products of theirs, like their Cell Mate moisturizer slash sunscreen, and their Grapefruit and Bergemot hand cream. One of my favorite things about the company is that right on the Web site for each item, it lists it as gluten free (and vegan, and not tested on animals, and all that other crunchy stuff). I wish more companies would take the guess work out of it and state the ingredients/potential allergens so clearly.

Yay, Kiss My Face! You are full of win.

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