Tuesday, April 10, 2012

F*&#! Gluten

Hey, 'member how last night I was all, "oh delicious fiesta meal, I would like to have your baby?"

Instead of love, it gave me gluten. I think. Well, I know something glutened me, but once again I HAVE NO FREAKIN' IDEA what it could be.

So I got to spend the day laying on the couch guzzling water and tea, locked down with my heating pad. And I still feel like buttcakes.

I am starting to get really frustrated that I'm getting sick so often. This marks the fourth time since going GF in February. And it's not that I am being negligent - I had a cleaning company come detox the house, I've switched the dog to gluten-free food and treats, and I basically put Luke through Hazmat de-tox any time he enters the house. I've gotten new pots and pans, threw enough food out of my pantry to feed an Ethiopian family for a year. I read labels on everything and basically pass up anything that hasn't been blessed by the Pope. So why am I still getting sick?

Grrr. At least I had this adorable mug to stare at all day.

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