Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fab Find: Enjoy Life Cookies

Get ready for an onslaught of product reviews, thanks to the wonderment that was the GFAF Expo this past weekend.

I've blogged about Enjoy Life before, but these cookies were new to me:

They come in several flavors - the chocolate (pictured above) and well as chocolate chip, sugar and vanilla honey. My favorite was the vanilla honey - it tastes kind of like the honey Teddy Grahams I loved as a kid (you know, and up until like three months ago). I wanted to snap a pic of that, but I ate it and threw away the wrapper without it ever dawning on me that I should do so. Huh. I need to get better about that.


The chocolate is really good, too, especially if you are having an "I-need-chocolate-NOW" moment, since it is double-dosed with it. The sugar and the chocolate chip are yummy, too. They all have this super-crisp crunch that is highly satisfying.

Well done, Enjoy Life. You are quickly becoming one of my favorite brands...

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