Monday, April 16, 2012

Not-So-Stir Fry

Lunch is hard. I am bad at meal planning, so having to figure out something that is portable, filling and tasty? Not easy for me. I always have the lofty goal of making enough dinner to last for lunch the next day, but it rarely happens. So come about 12:30 on any given day, I am usually pining for the Mickey D's days of yore. If only I had a personal chef to make all my meal accommodations for me. And if he looked like Hugh Jackman? Even better.

But alas, I am Hugh-less, and chef-less too, so I just have to bite the bullet and *gasp* prepare my own food.

Even before I went GF, I looooved these Minute Rice cups. Not only are they portable and fast to re-heat, but they taste pretty good, too. So I always have a ready stock of these on hand. But rice alone isn't really a meal, so I have been looking for ways to supplement it, without having to get up early enough to prepare a whole dinner in the morning.

Last night, I had a brainstorm. Not-So-Stir Fry.

So today, I took one of my handy packets of GF tamari sauce, a cup of rice and a container of veggies. I just steamed the veggies in the microwave, heated up the rice and added tamari to make this:

I know, throwing instant rice and broccoli together does not a culinary genius make, but I was pretty darn pleased with myself for whipping this up. And I wasn't hungry five minutes later, which happens with my usual lunch go-to of Gorilla Munch and almond milk.

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