Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gluten-Free Gluttons: Glen Prairie

Guess who remembered to take pictures this time?

Luke and I were looking forward to dinner at Glen Prairie as soon as we sampled the duck tacos at Gluten-Free Expo last week.

We had reservations, and I'm glad we did, because the joint was jumping when we got there at 6:30. And I was starving. Like, ZOMG, FOOD NOW starving.

I was instantly impressed, not only because the place has a swanky-yet-cozy vibe, but also because the menu is incredibly gluten-free friendly. It's so gluten-free friendly that a good 80 percent of the items can be adapted to suit GF diners, and they are designated by a little GF next to the price on each item. It was really cool to see so many options, and as soon as we sat down, I told our server we'd be a GF table, and she immediately asked if it was the severe allergy. She assured me she'd take good care of me, and if I had any questions about prep or ingredients or anything, she'd be happy to help. Homegirl earned her tip right there.

While we pondered the menu and downed sipped some wine, we had some gluten-free rolls to nosh on. Could have been the wine, could have been the starving, but these things were fabulous. They came with an herb butter that was creamy and delightful, and we may or may not have had to have a second basket sent out. What? I'm not ashamed.

For an appetizer, we ordered the famous duck tacos. I've tried duck on numerous occasions before, and never really cared for it, but these bad boys may have converted me. The seasoning was perfect - savory and smoky and awesome, and the pineapple salsa was incredibly fresh. I loooooove cilantro, and it paired so perfectly with the sweetness of the fruit. Needless to say, the tacos lived up to my expectation. Luke was nice enough to let me eat the extra one. And by "nice enough," I mean he drew back his hands so he didn't end up with bloody stumps. If these would have been an entree, I would have ordered them, but just an app on the dinner menu. I think they are a meal option for lunch, though. Guess I will have to go back and double check.

It took me a really long time to figure out what I wanted for an entree, because everything on the menu sounded completely awesome. I finally landed on the espresso-rubbed pork loin with mashed sweet potatoes and roasted cauliflower. There was a spicy peach salsa as a sauce, and all the flavors melded really well together. I was sorely tempted to lick the plate clean, but seeing as we were in a nice place and I was wearing heels, I refrained. Luke got braised short ribs on cheesy polenta with roasted brussels sprouts (all super delish, but my pic didn't turn out. Wah waaaah).

To top it off? A spot of coffee, and my favorite thing in the world (hint: I have composed love ballads to it in the past).

The meal was fantastic, the service was dang near perfect and I was incredibly pleased. Luke and I agreed - not only was this the best meal we've had since I've gone gluten-free, it might be in the top 5 ever. Like, EVER. We'll be back to try their brunch menu (gluten-free French toast. Need I say more?)

Totally unrelated to our meal  - there was a lady with like six kids who came in and sat at the table next to us. Normally, I'm not crazy about children under the age of 8 in nice restaurants, so I immediately prepared to have our quiet, cozy meal interrupted. But then I heard the mom tell one of the little girls, "See honey, you can get a gluten-free grilled cheese!" and my heart absolutely melted. I really wanted to go give that kid a hug, but Luke doesn't let me approach small, strange children, so I let it go. And yes, those kids were amazingly well-behaved.

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  1. Those duck tacos look AHmazing! Thanks for sharing this find!