Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nerdfest 2012

In case it wasn't glaringly apparent, for the record? I am a bit of a nerd.

I know, I know. I seem so cool, what with my librarian-ing, and my Wrestlemania-watching. But underneath this Rico Suave exterior is a geeky 13-year-old just dying to get out.

And sometimes? I let her.

Like during C2E2, one of the many dorkapaloozas hosted by Chicago every year.

It's basically all manner of nerdiness, from comics to television to books, all housed in the world's largest convention center.

And I get to go for work (did I mention I love my job?).

They do a special teachers and librarians morning on the Friday the con opens, so several of my compatriots and I saddled up and headed into the city for as much nerd as we could handle.

Did I mention there were costumes?

Me rocking my Katniss garb with a co-librarian as Effie Trinket

Anyway, the day was full of celebs:

Hanging out with Dotcom from 30 Rock, probably as close to Tina Fey as I will legally get.

That blurry guy over my shoulder? Sean "Rudy" "Samwise Gamgee" Astin himself. Resisted urge to chant at him. Barely.

It was also full of, ahem, professional development and learning and swag. The one downside of the day? McCormick Place is sorta gluten-free unfriendly. I was able to sneak my lunch in, but had I not, I would have been starving, since none of the food places in the exhibit hall had anything I could eat. As is, I was pretty hungry by the end of the day (I couldn't fit much food in my Katnissy leather backpack. But it looked cool).

Now to gear up for the next con in August...

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