Thursday, April 26, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Since I have been playing single lady this week, my big adventures have mainly consisted of reading books and trying to trick my dog into eating her food (she is not interested in eating when she's sad. Wish I had that problem).

1. I. Hate. Dentists. Not like personally or anything (except for my previous dentist. He was a bit of a tool), but I hate the whole fingers in mouth and also drilling and pain and awfulness. But I had to get a cavity filled this morning, so I sucked it up and didn't cry or anything. I promptly rewarded myself with some homemade chocolate chip muffins ... that I couldn't eat. Didn't stop me from trying.

2. It's really hard not to watch shows on your DVR that you promised your husband you would wait for him to watch with you. Particularly when you are bored. And really into Game of Thrones.

3. I won one of the raffles that Red Apple Lipstick had at the GFAF expo a couple weeks ago, and since I have been wanting to do a post about the epic wonderfulness that is RAL, look for some extreme gushing to come this weekend. Maybe even in vlog form.

3.5. I know. Three Things Thursday. I get it. But I am using this half thing to shamelessly self-promote. If you are on Facebook, like the Breaking up with Captain Crunch page. I like connecting with you wacky people.

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