Monday, April 30, 2012

Wine & Wrestling: The New Peas & Carrots?

Man, the weekends have been going by so incredibly fast. Maybe it is because they are action packed? Or because it seems like I end up sick every. single. Sunday.

Saturday was great though. We went back to Glen Prairie for brunch, and I got some super-fabulous gluten-free French toast and sausage. I didn't even think to take a picture, but it looked like French toast. With strawberries and bananas. It was very yum.

I also got to host some of my favorite people for a wine and game night. There was certainly less emphasis on game. I put out some great Glutino GF crackers and cheese, and some of the delicious cookies I have been amassing, and we drank ... too many bottles of wine. Or maybe just enough. All I know is we ended up listening to *NSYNC and looking at pictures from high school.

Sunday was supposed to be the day of hopes, ambitions and housecleaning, but a certain Celiac spent most of the day with what felt like a Valyrian steel dagger in her abdomen, so she instead spent the day on the couch, moving only to make chicken soup or get more water. I'm glad I have a doc appointment in the next couple of weeks, because I am getting pretty sick of the stabbing pains. Before going GF I was sick a lot, and it has been much better, but now the pains are different:( And no, it wasn't a hangover. That would have been preferable.

I had to pull myself up by the bootstraps Sunday night though. You'll remember my Wrestlemania post from a few weeks ago. Or maybe not. But it happened. So being the overachiever that I am, I went one step further and actually attended a WWE event.

It was sort of awesome.

Granted, I spent a bulk of the evening wincing every time I had to stand up to let someone pass (and it was a lot of times. Blessing and curse of sitting on the aisle, I suppose, but aren't people supposed to be there for the event, not to parade nachos past me every thirty seconds?). But it was really cool to see the whole spectacle of the show. It seems so much grander on television, but the lighting rigs were huge, and there were lots of pyrotechnics, and since I am a six-year-old, it distracted me just long enough to forget about the alien spawn that was eating through my abdomen. Also? Looking at hot dudes is not awful. Just sayin'.

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