Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fab Find: Udi's Pizza Crust

Whenever someone stupidly remarks to me that I'm "going to get so thin from the celiac," I want to punch them. And also show them my (imaginary) food journal from days like today.

Because today? I ate. Well. And copiously.

Like, went out to lunch (and had dessert). And stopped at Sweet Ali's since we were in the neighborhood, which meant salted caramel cupcakes. Plus, on our trip to Whole Foods/The Danger Zone, I found something I've been seeking for weeks - Udi's Pizza Crust.

In my former, wheatier life, I was a big fan of pizza. Like, big fan. Huge. There have been some decent finds since going gluten free, but nothing that will work in a pinch. And then there was that Domino's, ahem, situation last week. But I had heard rumors that Udi's had a ready made crust. And that it was fabulous. And since all of the other Udi's products I've bought have been pretty good, I figured maybe this one would be, too.

It was. Consistency-wise, I'm not sure I am ever going to find a GF crust that is as sturdy, yet delicious, as its gluteny counterpart. But in terms of taste, I think the Udi's crust has had the closest flavor to "real" pizza that I have come across. And, they crisped up enough to actually hear the crust snap when the pizza cutter rolled over it, so that's something. 

After dinner, and polishing off the rest of our Sweet Ali's haul, it was a beautiful night to light the fire pit, sit on the porch and just enjoy some peace and quiet. Not a bad way to end a day, no sir.

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