Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Huzzah for Progress!


I like good news. I mean, who doesn't right? And there has been a serious lack of good news lately. So I was a little apprehensive about my doctor's appointment today. As much as I make it seem like de-glutening is all puppies and rainbows and sunshine, this has been a hard few months. And I was a tad bit worried that all my OCD-ing and gluten-freeing had been for naught. So when my doc told me that my celiac levels have dropped dramatically, I did a little dance. Granted, they still aren't in the normal range, but it was a big jump from the February tests. Which means? I done quit that gluten good. I won't bore you with the *actual* science of it all, but I am progressing really well, and my good levels (my vitamins and irons and whatnot) are all back into the norms, too. Now I just have a littttttttle bit more bloodwork to do to see why I am paining post-wine and such...


Just a post to say "Hooray! I'm on the right track!" Nothing like celebrating National Celiac Disease Awareness Month by showing that celiac who's boss (sidenote: It's totally the celiac).