Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Princess and the Wheat: A Fairy Tale ... Sort Of

Gather 'round children, it's time for a story.

Once upon a time, there was an incredibly awkward beautiful princess. She was witty and funny and charming. And sick. All the time. And no one could tell her why. She avoided going to princess parties and dinners, because inevitably she would end up in Ye Royal Privy, feeling miserable and embarrassed. Her patient husband handsome prince handled the unpleasant task of cancelling plans last minute or avoiding outings all together, because his wife would whine about going he loved the princess so much (it was hard not to, she is quite charming, after all). Soon the princess began to despair. "Oh, woe is me," she sobbed  all the time very rarely and not a lot at all.
The ignorant doctors evil wizards all told her the same thing. "You are crazy/overexerted/anxious/a hypochondriac," they all said. The princess soon lost heart, and she started to believe them. As much as she loved food, she stopped enjoying eating, and felt tired and cranky all the time.
One day, after the princess had an incredibly stressful six months at work experienced more discomfort than usual, she visited a new doctor fairy godmother who insisted on waving her magic wand down the princess's throat over the princess to break the spell. And lo and behold, the new doctor fairy godmother found that the princess was indeed quite sick, in a completely legitimate and not at all mentally unstable way. To feel better, all the princess would have to do is eliminate gluten, which is  super delicious and found in almost everything not great anyway, from her diet. So the princess threw out piles of opened boxes of cereal, oodles of cookies and many other kitcheny type things that made her so happy once that are only just things. She began to write a blog that no one reads a whimsically delightful blog, and most importantly, she began to feel better.

And she lived begrudgingly happily gluten-free ever after.

*This origins fairytale is brought to you as part of my celebration of National Celiac Disease Awareness Month. Feel free to share your own story with me in the comments, the Facebook page or via e-mail (


  1. This is super cute! Happy Celiac Awareness Month!

  2. LOL! LOVE this way of telling your story! Utterly adorable and totally engaging. Well done!

    Also, I wanted to thank you for the link on your blog. I really appreciate the support. :D

    Keep up the good work!