Monday, May 7, 2012

Pro-active Can Be Easy!

You know how May is Celiac Disease Awareness Month? And you know how you haven't sent me a card or flowers or shoes or anything? Well, here's a way to give the Celiac in your life the gift that keeps on giving. There is legislation in the works right now to make it mandatory for pharmaceutical manufacturers to label the sources of their inactive ingredients ... which right now, they don't have to do. So if *someone* is feeling extra sinussy one day, she has to go to the Internet to even find out what pills are safe to take, because some drug companies use wheat-derived products as binders and don't have to label them. This *someone* could end up feeling even worse because of accidental glutening from her meds.

If you take a couple minutes (probably not even) to fill out the form to petition your local legislator, it will go a long way in helping folks like me get the labeling we need. And I will reward you with 500 (imaginary) awesome points.

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