Thursday, May 31, 2012

Three Things Thursday: Rainy Edition

I hate to be the person who always comments on the weather, but geez, Chicago, what the eff? In the upper 90s on Sunday, and today like 45? Bogus. For reals. I have a working air conditioner now! Don't make me turn the heat on!

Today's Three Things brought to you by my soggy shoes. Because walking through puddles? Not as cute as in the movies.

1. National Celiac Awareness Month is over. Does that mean we should stop being aware? No. No it does not. And I intend to keep fightin' the good fight until there is either a cure, or until folks who live la vida GF can get the proper treatment that they need, or at least the simple respect they deserve.

2. If anyone is in the Chicago-land area, the Wilton Industries is starting their annual tent sale this weekend. Since I have to basically re-stock my whole baking arsenal, I hope to snag some great finds. And, as always, I am on a mission to find my white whale, which just happens to be a springform pan. For all the cheesecakes I want to eventually make. Anyway, if you are local, check it out, they have craft stuff too.

3. Every year, summer comes and goes and I feel like I've accomplished nothing. So this year, I am going to come up with a To Do list to force me to do the fun stuff I miss every year. Look for that post coming in the future, too, and pass on any suggestion of things that just scream "Summer Fun!"

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