Thursday, May 3, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Hey kids, it's that time again. This week's happy-go-lucky attitude is brought to you by a day off Friday. Huzzah for Fridays off.

1. George R.R. Martin, why can't I quit you? Now that Luke and I are caught up on the HBO Game of Thrones and I am about halfway through book three, I'm feeling sorta GRRM-obsessed. Like, I told someone I was hungry like a direwolf the other day. And joked that my frozen GF bread was harder than Valyrian steel. And I may or may not have gone into full Lannister mode on an army of tiny ants that invaded my house. If I could have mounted their little heads on toothpicks, I probably would have. It might be time for an intervention.

2. Since I have a half day of work today, we are movie-marathoning for the Avengers midnight release tonight. That's right. Watching all the lead-up movies. Gah, I am only halfway through this and there is so much dork I can't even stand it.

3. Something girly. Sparkly shoes! Dresses! Not geeky! ... I don't think that worked. Might as well embrace it. Anyhoooo ... the husband and I are potentially planning a museum trip for tomorrow, barring any weird traffic or security things for the NATO summit. I'm psyched because I love museums, and it's supposed to be a totally gorge day, and it means trying a new restaurant to write about.

Now I need to go find something un-dorky to do. I'm guessing working my job as a librarian isn't it ....

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