Thursday, May 17, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Golly gee, the weeks are just flying by. We're entering busy season at work, so I'm sure that's only adding to the time-warpiness. Anyway.

1. Even though I have killed all the plants I have tried to "garden" without fail for the past four years, I caved again and got some tomatoes and herbs to try my hand at again this year. Bonus: They now sell tomato plants THAT ALREADY HAVE TOMATOES. I feel sort of accomplished, and I didn't do anything. Well played, garden center, well played.

2. Today my fur baby turned 4.Yep. I'm one of those people, who remembers their dog's birthday. What of it? We didn't do much to celebrate except take an extra long W-A-L-K. And she got some of my breakfast this morning. But not because it's her birthday. Just because she is faster than I am.

3. I had a total creeper moment on Monday night, when I met my mom for dinner before going to a reading/signing with hilarious author and queen of fabulousity Jen Lancaster. I had reservations at one of the Francesca's restaurants in the area, and while I'm parking my car out front, who should show up at the restaurant door? Jen Lancaster. It is incredibly hard to eat dinner when one of your writing idols is sitting less than five feet away from you. But less hard when the food is as awesome as Francesca's has proven to be. It's okay, though, because even though I left the lovely Miss Lancaster alone at dinner, I word-vomited all over her at the signing. I guess you just can't take some people out in public.

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