Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What the Kale?

So, until last night kale was a completely foreign substance to me, some exotic greenery I'd only heard legends of from the strolling minstrels of Ye Olde Food Network. But when I was leisurely wandering the market (read: frantically trolling Jewel for dinner ideas) and saw fresh kale, I remembered I had heard that you can toast it up in the oven, and it comes out like chips. Being the incredibly adventurous pseudo-chef I've become (read: I no longer eat cereal for dinner four nights a week), I figured kale chips would go swimmingly with the tilapia and rice I had on the docket (see what I did there? Swimmingly? Fish?).

I took a bundle home, hosed it off, ripped it into smaller pieces and tossed it with olive oil, sea salt, fresh ground pepper and garlic powder, then threw it on a (several pieces of parchment paper) lined cookie sheet. It only takes about 15 minutes, total, to cook, you just have to flip your pieces about 7-8 minutes in and let them crisp up.

The fish was new to us, too. We both grew up in households where fish came in stick form and pet form, so getting fresh filets sorta made us feel like grownups with sophisticated palates. As Luke said while I prepped our tilapia, "I always wanted to be the kind of people who ate fish." We are very easily impressed at my house.

Fish recipe is pretty simple, too. Grab a couple sheets of foil and spray them with non-stick spray. Put in the fishies, a filet per piece of foil. Then, douse them with a bit 'o olive oil, some fresh pepper, sea salt, basil and a hint of rosemary. Here comes the fun part: fold up the foil so it's a little pouch, then squeeze in some fresh lemon juice (I used a half of a lemon per filet). If you'd like, slice up some more lemon and throw it on the top before closing. Close up the foil, toss on the grill and cook until flaky and delicious. Serve immediately with rice, more lemon for garnish. And some of those awesome kale chips.

Bonus: Serve with wine. Screw-top moscato is totally okay and no one will judge you.

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  1. Kale chips are awesome and healthy and come with the surprise benefit of green poo when consumed in large quantities! Keep this in mind for St. Patricks day perhaps?