Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Re-stocking the Old Arsenal

Ugh. I have had so many wonderful things I wanted to write about the past few days, but something got me over the weekend (I'm looking at you, Cooper's Hawk), so when I haven't been sucking it up and working, I have been laying on my couch watching too much cooking reality TV (welcome back, Hell's Kitchen, I missed yoooooou).

But I did want to come and rave about the beauty that is the Wilton tent sale. I mentioned last week that I would be visiting over the weekend, and sure enough, bright and early Saturday morning, my mom and my sis and I headed out. Little background: Wilton Industries produces just about any baking/cooking/caking/crafting type device in the world, ever. They stock them all over the place, everywhere from Wal-Mart to Hobby Lobby. And once a year, they take all their goodies, throw them in a tent for a fraction of the retail price, and open their doors to the public. Essentially, the Wilton tent sale is the closest thing to the lawless Old West in existence. There are no rules, but lots of clearance cake pans, so it's worth fighting the mob.

This year, I was particularly excited, because I needed to replace lots of my old baking stuff. Before going GF, I looooooooved to bake, and now that I am navigating my way through the world of non-wheat flours, I'm ready to try again. But all my stuff is all floury, and wheaty, and brings up unpleasantness that shouldn't be associated with delicious, delicious treats, so I went into the sale armed with a list. I planned on sticking to the list. I ... immediately threw the list out the window. This was my haul:

(Pardon the crummy quality. I promise, none of the items are fuzzy. Yet)

I picked up all the things I wanted: New cookie sheets, brownie pan, the elusive spring-form pan, a couple of loaf pans.
I also caved and bought a few ramekins for creme brulee (which I have never made), some GINORMOUS muffin pans, a  new silicon baking sheet and about a thousand muffin cups (leopard print! polka dot! Obviously this will make the muffins taste better!), plus some other odds and ends. The good thing is that now I can bake again. The bad thing is that now that I have purchased ALLL this stuff ... I have to bake again. We have a small kitchen with limited storage, and Luke wasn't so thrilled as I was about the load I brought home (I will too make creme brulee, and when I do YOU CAN'T HAVE ANY).

I grabbed a new GF cookbook of just baked goods a few weeks ago. One of these days, I may have to start a-bakin' again.

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