Thursday, June 21, 2012

Three Things Thursday

It's Thursday again, ladies and gents, and that means it's time for everyone's favorite game show. Three! Things! Thursday!

1. In the continuing saga of "Words I Never Thought I'd Utter," thanks to the gorgeousness that is summer farmers markets, I have embarked on a love affair with locally sourced honey. I want to kick my own butt for saying that, but the local stuff just tastes so much honey-ier than the commercial counterpart. Plus, rumor has it that the local type can alleviate seasonal allergies. So bring it on.

2. My mom wins 500 bonus points for surprising me with Sweet Ali's salted caramel cupcakes after a particularly nasty day this week. I know you shouldn't eat for emotional reasons, but man, Sweet Ali's really made a crap day less craptacular. Also, if you are in Chicago, even if you aren't gluten free, you should really try their stuff. Luke swears their icing is the best he's ever had.

3. We're already nearing the end of June (?!?) and I haven't yet killed ANY of my plants. New personal record.
 (Someone small and furry photobombed me.
 I guess she was sad she hadn't made a blog appearance in a couple of weeks.)

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