Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Bucket List ... a Little Late

Way back in May I had the glorious idea (read: saw it on another blog) that I wanted to create a bucket list for the summer, since every year we get to September and the only *real* thing I've accomplished is kvetching about the heat.
So then May goes by. Same with June. And most of July. And really all I've done is kvetch about the heat. Oops.
But there's still about a month-plus left of summer in Chi-town, so here goes:
1. Eat ice cream on the back porch.
2. Go to the beach (this will be happening in August when I head to North Carolina).
3. Run through a sprinkler.
4. Go on a bike ride somewhere new.
5. Make sangria at home.
6. Go to the zoo.
7. Have a water balloon fight.
8. Spend a whole day in the pool.
9. See a summer blockbuster (I'm looking at you, Batman).
10. Master my grill.

Not a whole lot of time left to get these bad boys checked off, but I am more than willing to give it a go. Anybody have any suggestions of summer must-dos?

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