Thursday, July 26, 2012

Three Things Thursday: Achy Edition

Dear celiac,
Please stop rearing your ugly head when I have stuff to get done.

That's sort of the letter I wanted to send today, 'cept who would I send it to? My intestines? My muscles? My headache? Maybe University of Chicago, since they are down with all the celiac-ness?
Don't mean to whine, but before I had a diagnosis, I felt crappy all the time, but it was pretty much the same level of crappy every day. I knew what to expect. Now, I can feel fine one day and completely un-fine the next. Grrr.

Anyway, here's three. They're probably more random than usual, since I am a bit out of it.

1. Thank God for understanding co-workers. Seriously. I have not been fun to put up with over the course of the past ... um... six months or so, and yet they are still kind and caring and wonderful and find someone to cover your shift when you feel not so awesome. Soon I will repay you with goodies. Promise.

2. Since I took a sick day today, it gave me lots of time to tackle the laundry that has been mounting for a few weeks. I found a couple of shirts I totally forgot I bought. Oopsies. Side note: I have way too many clothes if I can go a few weeks without doing laundry. Spoiled much?

3. I never really experienced much joint pain before going gluten free. Sure, I would have back pain allllll the time, and occasionally my knees would give me problems (turns out I am genetically programmed to be a mess. Who knew?). But now, some days I look like I am T-rexing all day. Am I too young for arthritis?

Hope everyone enjoys this last weekend of July (to be heretofore known as the Hottest Freaking Month on Any Planet, Ever).

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