Thursday, July 19, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Hola, my g-free amigos. Hope everyone is staying hydrated in this fourth circle of Hell we have been having this summer. Did I mention I don't do well in the heat? 'Cause I don't. Much like an indoor plant, I prefer my temps to be solidly within the 68-82 degree range. Any hotter or colder and I will crab at anyone who crosses my path.

Here are three non-weather related things. Enjoy.

1. There is nothing I love more than being mid-project. Doesn't matter what. If it is something of my choosing, I will throw myself into a new task like whoa. So when my husband and I made a deal to renovate the office (read: room full of misc. crap) in order to make it my new writing room, I was ecstatic. Right now, I am trying to think of some awesome writer-y quotes to decal on my (soon to be) bright blue walls. Anyone have any suggestions?

2. I will be taking a trip to visit my sis in North Carolina next month, and we'll be spending a couple of days in Chapel Hill, and a couple in Wilmington. If anyone knows any great gluten-free restaurants, you get 500 bonus awesome points and possibly my undying devotion.

3. If you love Game of Thrones (and really, who doesn't?), you have to check out this YouTube video. Homeboy's impressions are spot-on. Not safe for work, but hilarious:)


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  2. Agh...for some reason I have trouble commenting on your blog.

    It showed up twice, so I deleted one and now they are both gone.

    Either way, I SAID I want a writers room too! I love your idea for quotes on the wall. Maybe throw up some pictures of your favorite authors too. When I move again, I'm definitely going to look for a place with a spare room to call my office and do something awesome like that too.

    Can't wait to see pictures when it's complete!