Monday, August 13, 2012

Nerdfest, Part Deux

I realize I am about to blow the cover that I had developed here of being a suave, hip .... nevermind, y'all know too much already. I am nerd, hear me roar. But that's okay. What's that saying, something about the geek shall inherit?

Saturday we nerded up hardcore to take a trip to Wizard World Comic Con. You may remember my previous geek outing, and this one topped it in that there was a whole group of us, all in costume.

Bad picture quality, but here we have Black Widow, Black Queen, Punisher, Wolverine, Enchantress and yours truly as Dr. Jean Grey. Be jealous of our awesome.

 One of the cool things about this con is that tons of people are dressed up, and they all want to take pics with other cosplayers (read: nerds with a faint, if any, grip on reality; see above). When you look this good, who can blame them?
Doesn't my beefcake husband make a fantastic Wolverine?
It was a blast hanging out with friends, checking out all the displays and artwork and costumes, and not once did I throw even the smallest of "woe is me" food-related pity parties. Because it SO didn't matter. When we broke to snacky-snacky, they ate their gluten-y treats, and I nommed some pretty good Bakery on Main "granola" bars.

There were a few celebs there, but I refused to pay $40 a pop for an autograph, even for people I'm a fan of, like CM Punk or Scott Bakula (he's probably still hoping that the next leap will be the leap home). I did catch a glimpse of both Joey Lawrence (wearing what I believe to be a women's v-neck, but I digress) and Luke Perry, sending my inner '90s child into a tailspin. And Luke got to meet Kevin Nash, who he pointed out was a wrestler long before he played a dancing stripper. Either way, good for you, Mr. Nash. Plus, I got some great goodies, including an awesome House Targaryen t-shirt, so I can rock my Game of Thrones love, sartorially.

And did I mention how hot my husband is?

Gah, I love a man in metal ... or in this case, spray-painted acrylic.
It made for a great day, with great people (geez, nerds are just so nice) and no food worries. It doesn't get much better than that for me. And the fact that I got to rock a lab coat? Icing on the cake.

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