Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Office Glam

This month, J over at I Am J The Blog and Chrissy at Glam Without Gluten have deemed it to be Glam Month, and since I looooove anything sparkly, pretty, and well, glam, I thought it might be time to add some more glam to my life. So I glammed up my office.

We've been working on slowly but surely making our house more "us," including a revamp of our loft last year and some smaller tweaks here and there in other rooms. But we still had our white whale facing us: the office, or, the room into which we throw crap and shut the door.

It was bad, kids. Like, "husband-threatening-to-call-Hoarders" bad. It's just that in the four years that we've lived here, it was kind of a nothing room. Neither one of us works from home, and when we were both grad students, we spent too much time doing school stuff in there to even think about cleaning/organizing/redecorating. Mostly we were in survival mode. After grad school, we had The Big Decision to make (kids? No kids? Another dog? Laser tag room?) and right about the time we thought we had things figured out, then comes celiac, once again sticking its nose where it doesn't belong. It pretty much answered one of the questions for us (no kids right now, thanks for asking, but I would like another glass of wine) and while I would love to have a laser tag room, the fact that it is a tiny spare bedroom pretty much eliminated that. Lola was bound and determined to make it her room, but since she's already claimed every other room in the house, I took the metaphoric pee on the carpet and claimed it as my writing room. I've wanted a writing room, oh, I don't know, for my whole life, and I was pretty psyched Luke was giving me free reign to not only redecorate, but use it for entirely selfish purposes.

That was in late June. Since then, we've had an array of other things to take care of, like weddings and busy season at work and general summer stuff, so it took a little while to get the project off the ground. After more trips to Goodwill then I would like to admit to donate stuff, we had a clean, empty room, which of course meant arguing over paint colors for a good two weeks. The winner? A delightfully elegant shade called "Hydrangea" that fulfilled my need for fabulous color and Luke's need for our office to not look like the inside of a cartoon character.
We painted, installed a new lighting fixture (thanks, Dad!) and were ready for the hard part - decor and furniture.

Since I pretty much live at HomeGoods, it was no problem finding some wall art, and between Target and Ikea (the Bonnie and Clyde of the decorating world), we were able to grab everything we needed for my "vision."

The finished product looked way better than I had imagined - a completely me, completely glam space for me to use to write these fascinating blog posts, as well as a couple of side projects I've got going on.

Starting at the top, we've got Luke's desk for his "big" computer, my small bookcase, guarded by that awesome print of an eagle on a dictionary page (how perfect, right?), my awesome Craigslist desk and fancy memo board, and our superfind - the chair from Ikea. Love this so much.

But somehow, Lola still figured this was designed for her.
But Mom, I'm black and white so I match the theme in the room!

Now comes the hard part. Actually writing stuff. Guess I'm off to a good start ;).