Thursday, August 2, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Can I just tell you how psyched I am to *officially* be on a three-day weekend? To borrow a phrase from the '90s, it's totally dope. And also phat.

1. More gratuitous co-worker love: This week, I got a fab gift from my partner in crime at work (a beautiful framed photo she took of a monarch butterfly), some seriously ego-boosting compliments, and a lot of understanding, since I spent Tuesday sick, again, from a gluten-related incident. I had to come into work, and it was miserable and painful and icky, and my work homies rallied to make my day better. Kudos, work homies.

2. I stole this recipe from fellow g-free blogger Marlow over at Gluten Hates Me, and it was yummy. We made it last night in the hopes that we would have leftovers (we did not). I can't wait to try this with some tweaks in other dishes. Also, you should check out Gluten Hates Me, because there's tons of recipes that regular, non-cooky people can make and eat with their faces.

3. We are going to Brookfield Zoo this weekend to check out their Extreme Bugs! exibit. Seeing as I go into panicked convulsions upon seeing a single bug in my bathroom, I am pretty sure I will not sleep for a week after this trip. Note to self: Buy RAID.

3.5. I know. Three things. But I also discovered this week that Skittles and Starbursts are both gluten free. Holler.


  1. Isn't Marlow awesome, I've been drooling over that recipe too!

  2. Your blogs literally make me "LOL" every time I read them!

    Mike & Ikes are Gluten Free too! Double holllaaaa!