Thursday, August 9, 2012

Three Things Thursday

It has certainly been one of those weeks where motivation is sorta at a low point. Blame it one the Olympics, blame it on the time of year, but seriously? Productivity does not live here right now. Mostly. 'Cept for:

1. My writing room is 70% done - walls painted, furniture assembled, decor purchased ... just looking for a chair and we'll be all set. Then I am going to have to get to work, um, writing stuff.

2. I am headed out to not only Wizard World Comic Con this weekend, but also my (gulp) ten-year high school reunion. I already have an outfit for one of them planned out. Can you guess which?

3. Since I took a pass on going to the White Sox game last night, Luke and a couple of buddies tried out some gluten-free goodies for me, and he's going to guest post soon about gluten-free at the ballpark, so get excited.

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