Thursday, October 4, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Guys, I am a little shaken today, because we have had a serious security breach last night. Around 11 p.m., as we were enjoying the culinary prowess of one Alton Brown, an intruder invaded our home. He looked like this:
I didn't think spiders had trigger fingers. I was wrong.
We should have known. He's been sending recon missions for a week now, smaller, less threatening spiders. We've detained several, and though we questioned them with standard wartime procedure, they didn't talk. So we squished them. But this guy? We knew we couldn't give him the chance to evade us, so we elevated the spider terrorist threat level to red, and grabbed the closest heavy duty shoe. Victory was ours ... for the moment.
Seriously, though, this weather change has unleashed too many eight-legged unsavories in my house, so I am on high alert. Last night's wolf spider was the last straw. Because spiders are to me what snakes are to Indiana Jones. I have tried to explain to Luke that this means I have to wear a fedora and carry a whip at all times, but he failed to see the necessity.

Today's Three Things is brought to you by fear, vengeance and heavy-soled shoes.

1. This has been all over the gluten-free world for the past couple of days, but it bears repeating, so please go sign this petition for better food labeling laws. You can make a difference! They need about 25,000 signatures, so spread the word. In a highly political month, this is something that is a totally non-partisan way to get involved. So do it already.

2. Despite the mix up last week when Amazon accidentally sent me a refrigerator pump instead of my cinnamon syrup, I got my Amoretti goodness on Friday and have pretty much perfected the caramel apple cider. Look for a recipe in the next few days.

3. I'm going to my first ever celiac support group meeting Saturday. One of the topics? Gluten-free Halloween candy. I could write a thesis on this with all the research I've done lately. Here's hoping for some fun new finds.

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