Thursday, October 25, 2012

Three Things Thursday

I know. I know, okay? I promised a fun-filled recap of the Celiac Awareness Tour. Plus some fall yummies. And probably a bunch of stuff I don't remember right now. But you'll have to excuse me, because I am (yet again) sick. The good news? It is totally not gluten or celiac related. At all. Probably. The bad news? I have parlayed my virus into laryngitis, so yours truly is sans voice. Bad for me, but good for America? Anyway. Hoping to feel up to doing some more posting soon, but with my limited energy supply, if the options are between carving pumpkins or posting blogs, the pumpkins are going to win every time.

1. Big ups to Walgreens. They've always been my pharmacy of choice, and this weekend, when I went in looking for something to tame the nastiness that I had going on, their store-brand Sudafed knock-off took the guess work out of hunting:
I also found store-brand cough drops and cough syrup labeled "gluten free." Which saved me numerous minutes of frantically iPhone searching and cursing under (albeit hoarsely) my breath. I know you have to take all of the labeling with a grain of salt (gluten?) but I appreciated the effort.

2. Being Throaty McPainerson this week has added a new challenge to feeding. Not only did I need to stay gluten free, but I also needed to stay somewhat mushy and gushy. A new find that I think I will be adding to my pantry/emergency zombie preparedness kit is Wolfgang Puck's line of soups. So far, I've tried and loved the Signature Tortilla, but there are several in the line that are gluten free. And they are organic, for what it's worth. Plus, I am a sucker for celebrity-chef endorsed products. I love tortilla soup, period, but this one is hearty enough to help me fight off illness (and possibly zombies).

3. Have I mentioned yet that I love the fall? Usually I am a Halloween junkie, but this year, I just haven't felt as into it. Between my play and being sick, I just haven't been in the mood. But we did do some pumpkin carving at my in-laws' last night, and it turned out great! (Luke and I did the one in the top corner that looks like a witch stirring her brew.)

Here's hoping I can get a little Halloween mojo going this weekend, maybe take in a haunted house or two. But then again, screaming would probably not be good for my poor lil' sore vocal chords. Hmm.

Hope everyone has a happy and safe weekend-before-Halloween.

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  1. So excited that it's almost Halloween! I love all things pumpkin, spooky and scary.