Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Guess Who's a Birthday Girl?

Spoiler alert - it's me.

And while it's not a big birthday, it's the birthday before a big birthday, which in a way is more stressful, because it means I've got 365 days before I hit the big 3-0. And I know that age is just a number, and you're only as old as you feel (although these days? That number is pretty danged high). But still. Wasn't I *just* turning 21?

Despite still feeling a little rotten, I'm determined to make the best of this birthday. I'm looking forward to a Luke-cooked dinner tonight, and fun with friends and family this weekend. A little birdie told me I'm going to be noshing on a Sweet Ali's salted caramel cake on Saturday (the little birdie was Luke. He's also the little birdie paying for it) (also, there will be wine. Lots of wine).


This year has not been great, by any stretch, but I have checked some things off of my bucket list. I headed to not one but two cons. I wrote and directed my first show. I've connected to so. many. folks. I played Dungeons and Dragons for the first time. I finished reading a book series that was totally out of my realm of normal - and loved it. I redecorated an unused room to build me a writing haven. I braved my first vacation with this crazy restrictive gluten thing. I wrote a butt-kicking maid of honor speech. I channeled my inner Bob Ross. I learned more about wrestling than I ever wanted to know. I apparently re-affirmed my nerdiness. Like tenfold.

So here are my goals for my last year of my 20s. Some people are really cutesy and do 30 before 30. I don't think I have 30 in me right now, so mine is 12. Goals are goals, people.

1. Run a 5K. Not necessarily quickly. Just to know I can.
2. Either start my novel or do three short stories.
3. Try yoga.
4. Continue to raise awareness for celiac disease.
5. Donate more to charities.
6. Start doing more GF baking from scratch, not from mixes.
7. Buy a coffee for a stranger.
8. Read something out of a genre I don't typically like (mystery? romance? science fiction?)
9. Learn to knit ... if my hands will let me.
10. Continue blogging, and connecting with this amazing community.
11. Master the "Gangnam Style" dance before the fad dies completely.
12. Try sushi ... again.

Now, let's all eat some gluten free cake, yes?

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