Thursday, December 13, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Mazel tov, homies. It just so happens it's Hanukkah season. And even though I'm not at all Jewish, I dig celebrating everyone's holidays (just wait until Boxing Day). To get my Hanukkah on, I'm sporting some lovely dreidel-print socks and driving my car on empty, in hopes that I have enough gas to get to and from work today (maybe that last part is more because I'm lazy).

1. I've discovered the secret to drinking more water. Festive holiday themed tumblers. Seriously. Why would you want to drink out of a plain ol' glass when you can have hope, joy and mirth right at your finger tips. Bonus if the straw is reminiscent of seasonal candy or medieval bloodletting.

2. 'Tis the season for cookie exchanges, and since I don't have an army of GF flours at the ready, I looked to an easier option. Check out Immaculate Baking Company's gluten-free chocolate chunk cookies. They are certified GF, dairy free and available all over the place. In the past week, I've found them at Wal-Mart, Jewel, and Target in the Chicago-land area. They taste pretty dang good, and even my gluten-eating friends have enjoyed them. At my Wal-Mart, they run less than $4 a pack and make a dozen cookies, so I think they are well worth it.

3. We're questing on with our holiday film/television extravaganza. Here's what we've watched since last Thursday:
12/7: The Santa Clause (I cannot believe that this movie is almost 20 years old. Yeesh)
12/8: Elf ("Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?")
12/9: Garfield's Christmas (yep. Big orange cat who loves lasagna. Not gluten-free friendly)
12/10: Michael Buble's Christmas Special (can I just say, every holiday should have a Michael Buble special)
12/11: Die Hard (Yipee ki-ayyyy, Mister Santa - or, at least, that's what it says in the edited version)
12/12: Mickey's Christmas Carol (this was one of my faves when I was a little girl. So glad to see ABC Family has decided to air it.)

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