Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Someone got a new look (hint: it's me). Well, not me, per se, but the blog. It's amazing what a new (virtual) coat of paint will do. You'll notice I have some tabs at the top of the page to help navigate to Fab Finds, Gluten-Free Gluttons and other resources. I've also compiled links to other great gluten-free or celiac bloggers, because, hey, we're all friends here. But other than the aesthetic changes, I also bit the bullet and bought my own domain name. No more I'm legit. I'm pretty excited about the changes (so excited I spent *hours* picking out some new promo stuff on VistaPrint). So go ahead and bookmark You know, if you want. No pressure.

Also, because of an unfortunate, ill-fitting pants situation, there has to be some other changes on the horizon, too. Apparently, you can only live on (gluten-free) junk food so long before your wardrobe shifts and you begin to sport only leggings and oversized sweaters - which you think makes you hip, 'cause the '80s are hot right now, but really, it just makes you look like you're channeling Robin Sparkles. And pregnant. Which you're not. So to save your coworkers the embarrassment of patting your belly, which is only full of GF cookies, you decide you need to limit the sugar and give up Pepsi and maybe do some ... gulp ... exercising. Hypothetically. (Full disclosure: As I write this, I am noshing on a GF orange cranberry muffin. Probably not a good start.)

One thing that won't change is my OCD gluten-freeness. According to the fine folks at U of C, I am kicking celiac's butt so hard right now. And thanks to the hand full of supplements I've been knocking down every morning, I'm feeling pretty darn good right now. Not like, go out and run six miles good, but good. Huge progress folks.

So let me know - like the new design? Think I missed a blogger on my list of Rad Reads? Let's chat. In the mean time, I'm going to walk some laps around my house, or something.

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  1. I love the redesign, I think it looks awesome. And way to go showing celiac disease who's boss.