Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year, New Plan

So. In a perfect world, I would have totally whipped up some fabu year-end recap, counting down favorite blog posts during that dead week between Christmas and New Year's. But instead, since I am SO GOOD at shooting off my mouth and biting off more than I can chew, I spent the last week of 2012 frantically prepping to host three gatherings. They were all fun, they all went off without a hitch, and I celebrated my first holiday season gluten-free without getting sick. Granted, it included bursting into tears outside of Starbucks once, countless trips to the grocery store, a small fortune paid to Sweet Ali's and several Real Housewives-level meltdowns in my kitchen. But I got through it. Which is why if I had to pick a word to describe 2012, it would be "persevere" (or "dumpster fire" but I think that's two words). Last year was probably the most challenging of my life, but I got through it, and contrary to Mayan belief, the world didn't end (I thought for sure we were done for when Hostess went under).

Now we get to move on to a whole new year. A clean slate, if you believe in those kinds of things. I don't like to make resolutions - I've always said that is an invitation for failure - but I love goal setting, re-organization and anything requiring Excel spreadsheets. Last year, my main priority was making it through. But the problem with treading water is that you are in constant motion, and not really going anywhere. That is, you are exhausted with nothing to show for it but pruney fingers. So this year is about moving forward. Synergy. Dynamism. Buzzwordism.

This year, I want to grow the blog a little more. I want to meet up with more gluten-freers, both in reality and in Interweb Land. I want to work with more great organizations and bloggers. I want to bring you guys more Fab Finds, more restaurant reviews, more stories from the trenches. I want to work even harder advocating for more celiac awareness. And more gluten-free doughnuts. Way more.

I guess the long and short of it is that this year, I'm going for "more." What are you going for?

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