Thursday, January 3, 2013

Three Things Thursday

Happy 2013, friends. Hope you've all recovered from your respective NYE festivities. We celebrated with old friends and new, eating lots of cheese and reveling in the glory of kissing 2012 goodbye. Apparently, it was a clusterduck of a year all the way around. Luke and I then spent the ENTIRE DAY on Jan. 1 lounging on the couch watching TV. And it was GLORIOUS.

1. I know I've mentioned it on the blog before, but seriously make an effort to check out Wolfgang Puck's Signature Tortilla Soup. I buy it at Wal-Mart, but you can nab it just about anywhere. It's gluten-free, organic, and I think dairy-free (unless you dump a bunch of cheese in it. Which I do.). I love it because it sort of tastes like restaurant or home-made soup, not tinny like canned soup. And when you are looking for something fast, filling and tasty, it doesn't get much better than soup. Right now for work I have limited lunch prep/storage/dining space, and this works perfectly. Yum. Okay, done gushing.

2. My friend Kelly just recently had a chance to explore Protein Bar in Oak Brook. They have a pretty large offering of gluten-free and healthy options. She's doing a giveaway, so stop by her blog and check it out. I plan on paying them a visit soon.

3. I know I will be late on the uptake on this (when am I not?) but I have a New Year, New Plan post coming up soon. One of my *ahem* goals is to nurture this GF bad boy a little more. More Fab Finds and Gluten-Free Gluttons for sure. Unless I wake up tomorrow in Giada DeLaurentiis's body, there probably won't be too much in the way of recipes. And if you're looking for a "YAY! Gluten-Free is the BEST THING EVER" blog ... just keep walking, because the snark doesn't really have an "off" switch. If anyone has any great product suggestions, or GF-friendly restaurants in the Chi-town area, let me know!


  1. Don't mention it, doll. Good luck with the giveaway, hope you get loads of entries!