Thursday, January 10, 2013

Three Things Thursday

So. A year ago today I underwent my scope that led to my diagnosis. I'm feeling strangely nostalgic, so excuse me while I go listen to some Bryan Adams and cry under my desk. In the mean time ... 

1. I haven't had too much going on in my world this week besides work and organizing at home. I took six bags of clothes to Goodwill and put out so much trash that I'm surprised our garabage dudes didn't call TLC, for surely this was a hoarder situation. And that was *just* from the bedroom. I'm tackling the kitchen this weekend. Say a prayer, m'kay?

2. If you are in the Chicago area, and you like brunch, and fundraising, and gluten-freeness, you should buy tickets to go to Wildfire's U of C fundraiser brunch on Jan. 26/27. The menu looks divine, and they are doing a cooking demo. Plus, it raises money for University of Chicago, which I can so get behind.

3. There's been a lot of chatter about Lesley University this week - the U.S. Department of Justice ruled in favor of some students requiring gluten-free foods. The Boston Globe outlines the case way better than I could, so check the link above. This is great for a couple of reasons, but mostly because it means that there is a precedent now for the rest of us. The nasty comments made by non-gluten-freers about this case will most likely make you question your faith in humanity though. One step forward, two steps back.

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