Thursday, January 24, 2013

Three Things Thursday

Time for another rousing round of Three! Things! Thursday! Okay, maybe it's not rousing. But it is Thursday.

1. 'Tis about that time of year when we all get wishy and washy, lovey and dovey. If you've got a good gluten-free love story, visit Gluten Dude to share it. Not gonna lie, I'm looking forward to reading all the wheat-free romances. Maybe celiac is turning me into an old softie.

2. Since we are all sharing stories, the Celiac Diva is collecting stories for an e-book for GF newbies. Check out her Facebook page for more details. There is nothing that we celiacs like better than talking about our mis-diagnosis. Seriously.

3. This weekend, I'll be trying my hand at yoga for the first time, as well as visiting Wildfire for a special gluten-free brunch to raise money for the University of Chicago. Both of these things are making me feel tres fancy. I'll have to eat (gf) cereal in my holey sweatpants to bring myself back down to earth.

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