Friday, February 22, 2013

Blogoversaries and Other Milestones

Does Hallmark make belated birthday cards for blogs? Because I definitely missed the one year anniversary of Breaking Up with Captain Crunch. I feel like a crummy blog mom. I should have at least posted gratuitous pictures of GF cupcakes or something. But if I'm being honest, I sort of just forgot. And it wasn't just the blog that hit a milestone last week. So did I. It passed quietly, no fanfare, because I forgot about it, too.

I have no idea how I missed it last week. It slipped past me last Wednesday, as I went about my day, singing songs with my toddler classes, gossiping with my tweens, fighting a cold that seemed intent on bringing me down.

As of February 13, I've been gluten free for a year.

I'm bad with dates anyway (just ask my husband), but this one seemed like one I should mark. Bake a gluten-free cake or something. Write a blog post about how magical and sparkly my life is now. I guess I was just too busy living to even think about it. Which I think is the most telling thing I could write.

I spent the last week fighting a cold, true, but I also logged in several miles at the gym. I hunted ghosts at an abandoned warehouse in the city. I hobnobbed with some wonderful children's book authors. I hosted an evening of Dungeons and Dragons for my nerdy soulmates. I ate chocolate fondue with the fabulous ladies of my family. I went to dinner with friends. A year ago, none of that would have been possible, or fun, for me.

Are there still moments when I curse celiac disease? You betcha. Paczki day was certainly one of them. And sometimes maybe I glare at the Pizza Hut commercials on television, peddling their devil's wares. But thanks to supportive friends and family, and the amazing gluten-free community I've come to know and love, those angry moments are getting to be few and far between.

So happy birthday, blog. Let's pretend there were balloons and pony rides. And maybe gluten-free pizza. Because, well, why not?

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  1. Happy Blog-a-versary! And Happy One Year Mark! But more importantly, Happy year of living and laughing to the fullest, since that's the whole point of doing what's best for our bods, right?
    I love the playful humor that comes through. And yes, I'm seriously jealous of the chocolate fondue...*grin*