Tuesday, February 19, 2013

F&FiF: Bringing in the Big Guns

I'm very much a DIY person. In fact, I've uttered the phrase "how hard can it be?" way too many times, and it has led to various and sundry, ahem, adventures. It's gotten me stuck behind my dryer (trying to replace the vent), glued to a hand towel (at home bikini wax - yikes) and sporting a very unique hairstyle (DIY bangs, not as easy as it looks).

I guess you can say I have learned the hard way that you have to know when it's time to call in a professional.

So when I was having a hard time getting my fitness mojo revving, despite the cool Fit & Fab in February graphic and the support of all my lovely readers, I sought to bring in the big guns. As fate would have it, I recently connected to Erika Ervin, a fitness trainer and nutritional consultant, who, by the way, also happens to have celiac disease. She has come up with a program for me to follow that takes into consideration not only my weak-ish body, but my busy schedule and fear of the lunks at the old gymeroo. And because she's a wacky celiacky, too, she gets it waaaaaaaay better than someone who doesn't personally struggle with health issues.

I was supposed to start the program last week full-force, but a pretty gross cold put a hitch in that plan - I only got two of the six days done. So I'm attacking it as hard as I can this week. Erika has already helped me modify some of the moves I know will be problematic, and she's been so great about being encouraging. Now I guess it's just up to me to get movin'.

Special thanks to Erika for taking pity on this poor, out-of-shape soul. Looking for some fit-spiration of your own? You can check out Erika's blog, or find her on Facebook. Full disclosure: She's providing her services to me at no charge, but she does make her living as a personal trainer. Don't live in the great state of Texas? Me neither, but she can do virtual plans via this amazing thing called the Interwebs.


  1. Go you! This whole getting healthy thing is hard, and good for you for calling in the big guns.

  2. Ha! Wacky celiacky is a great term. I am so happy celiac ends in the "ack" sound; it makes funny rhymes so much easier.