Friday, February 1, 2013

Fit and Fab in February

Guys, we have a problem. In my never-ending quest to taste every gluten-free cookie on the market, I've forgotten a crucial fact: gluten-free doesn't mean calorie free. Oops. As such, my pants and I are having a parting of ways, which is sad, because I like my pants, and I don't want to buy new ones. So that leaves me with a couple of options: 1. Give up cookies. 2. Create guilt-free cookies or 3. Gulp ... start getting active.

Since I don't have the science background to make #2 happen, nor the willpower to make #1 happen, that leaves me with what's behind door #3. So let's look at this pants problem as an opportunity. I know I've been meaning to get more active since I got all "nourished" because I'm absorbing "vitamins." I have a somewhat acceptable level of energy now, and a little bit of motivation. But I have another dilemma.

I started looking for inspiration on other blogs a while back, but I found myself running into the same problem over and over: the more I read about these perfect, fit people, the more intimidated I became to try anything myself. The Interwebs is full of marathon-running yogis who hammer out more time at the gym before the sun comes up than I have in the past year (although, full disclosure? It wouldn't have to be much). I got kind of frustrated - isn't there anyone out there who just wants to get moderately fit? Who is starting from scratch? I knew if I was feeling this way, there had to be others.

And so, Fit and Fab in February was born.

That's where you guys come in. Congratulations, loyal reader, you are now my accountability buddy. And I'm yours. If you want me to be, anyway. Let's take this month - the shortest in the whole year - and try to make some goals. Nothing too strenuous - things you think you will actually be able to achieve. Each Friday this month, I'll keep you posted on my goals, and you tell me yours. I'll be putting up some guest posts from some friends to keep us inspired and moving. I even made a button you can grab and throw on your own blog.

It will be a month full of encouragement, fabulousness, and heck, maybe even some giveaways. Let's cheer each other on, get off the couch and make those dang pants fit again! I'm game, are you?


  1. I started going to the gym a few months ago. My only goal was to make it a habit. I go Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday mornings. Once I made going to the gym a habit, working out was easier to digest. (See what I did there. Digest. Celiac'ers can't digest gluten. Yea.) Working out is not easy or fun, but easier. I think of it like brushing my teeth. It is not terribly fun, but it is necessary. Addtionally, my gym membership came with 2 free personal trainer sessions. That is something to look for when you are comparing gyms. For the first time in my life, I have a "workout routine." I'm in and out in less than 40 minutes. The hardest part is getting started. Good luck!

  2. I'm in...I need to stick to a regular fitness schedule...and lay off some of the gluten free goodies.

  3. I'm super excited about this! I was just writing about this workout funk that I'm in. It's dark, it's cold and mornings are hard. Hopefully we can all keep each other on track!

  4. I'm in. I'm going to start with yoga this month, just whatever I can handle on a daily basis, until I can do a full routine mindfully.

  5. I am 100% in girl!! In just a week of sticking to my workout schedule, I feel better and actually look forward to working out {crazy talk I know right}. After saying enough was enough, I got my butt up and did it. I pump up the music and shake my little tail feather.