Thursday, February 21, 2013

Three Things Thursday

Update: A couple hours after I posted this originally, I found out I made the finals for the WEGO Health Activists Awards for being a Hilarious Health Activist. I'm unbelievably psyched and flattered to be included in such hilarious and activist-y company! I'll let you all know when voting commences, and, in true Chicago fashion, I will encourage you to vote early and vote often.


It really feels like I was just posting Three Things from last week. This means either a) time is flying by or b) I really need to post more often than I do. Maybe both.

1. If you want to read my sappy love story, head on over to Gluten Dude's blog. I'm the feature of the day, but play around a little, because he just revamped the site and it has lots of fun stuff there.

2. I'm officially off Pepsi for a month now. Not to toot my own horn (correction: totally to toot my own horn), but this is the longest I've ever gone without it. To help curb cravings, I'm allowing myself small quantities of ginger ale, but also carbonated water with a splash of fruit juice. You guys, how have I not been doing this for ages? If you are trying to kick regular (or diet) pop, I highly suggest playing around with this technique!

3. Although I am a tried and true RAL girl, sometimes I miss running out to the Walgreens or CVS and being able to nab cheap makeup - but thanks to Physicians Formula, I can now get my mascara and eyeliner fill, gluten freely, of course. I also grabbed some blush and foundation, with "gluten free" right on the label. They're paraben free, too, so huzzah for that. And, right now at CVS, all Physicians Formula products are on sale, buy one, get one 50% off. You're welcome.

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  1. Thank the gluten free gods, there is GF make up that won't break my wallet!!!! I know where I am going today. Thanks for sharing girl.

    Congrats on the WEGO finalist!