Friday, March 15, 2013

Fab Find: Alterna Hair Care

When I was a bridesmaid for my buddy's wedding over the summer, my main goal was to be supportive and not get sick. I really had no intention of finding any awesome products, because I wasn't looking for them.

So when I sat down in the salon chair, my hairspray from home in hand, I really didn't expect the stylist to ask me about my "allergy." When I told her I was gluten free, I expected the typical reaction ("really? I would diiiiiie if I couldn't eat bread/cookies/cake!"). What I didn't expect was for her to hand me a can of hairspray. Turns out, the salon had just started carrying Alterna's Bamboo line - which, by the way, is gluten free. And paraben free. And pthalate free. To say I was excited was a bit of an understatement. I bought a can of the hairspray to take home with me and planned to hunt Alterna down either via the Interwebs or at a salon near me.

The very next weekend, I happened to be stumbling through Ulta with my sister, longingly glancing at the now-off limits makeup I used to purchase like a drag queen on payday. But before I could get too "woe is me," I stumbled upon Alterna's whole Bamboo line in the fancy shampoo aisle. I picked a couple new products to sample, and I'm really glad I did. I ended up taking home their Super Natural Curl Cream and Uplifting Root Blast.   
Pros: Well, gluten free ranks pretty high up there, and it's nice that it's also so enviro-friendly in other ways. Plus, it actually works pretty well. I love the hairspray better than most I had used before, and the can lasted a surprisingly long time (I just bought the second one a couple of weeks ago - six months for a can of hairspray? I'll take it). I'm also a big fan of the curl cream - it works well for smoothing out my wayward locks after I blow dry or heat style. It, too, has lasted forever. The volumizing spray is probably the only thing I wouldn't buy again, just because I don't feel like it made a huge difference.

Cons: Much like the rest of the gluten-free world, it's a tad on the pricey end. But it is a salon-quality product, so I would say it's not more expensive than Fekkai or Bedhead or anything.  The smell of the rootlifter is not my favorite - it's got kind of a dude smell. Not that it's bad, I just like smelling girly.

Overall, I would definitely recommend checking out the line. Just be careful - while I know the Bamboo line is gluten free, I'm not sure about the other products they offer. So, you know, read the labels.

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